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Sometimes I like to make things. Seriously, like, a lot of things.

Since 2008 I have been experimenting with 3D printing, it is exciting to find the limits to the different possible shapes I can create, and to explore the limitations and advantages of the available materials. I have created numerous designs, from jewelry, to mugs, planters, figurines, phone cases, lamps, mechanical trinkets, memes, skeletons, mathematical shapes, puzzle boxes, and conceptual sculptures. I have set up a shop on Shapeways with my most popular designs, check out the different shop sections below:


Intricate, elegant, and unique designs for air plants and succulents.

I decided to make planters, and in a burst of obsessive behavior, I ended up creating 22 different designs, for 4 different series of planters for air plants, succulents, and cacti. The Bulbophyllum Series, Samsara Series, Geometric Series and Radiolaria Series are unique and elegant, and are a brand new direction on my design approach. Since porcelain was discontinued from Shapeways, I'm no longer selling the Geometric Series or the Samsara Series.

Asides from selling these planters online, I'm looking to collaborate with local businesses to sell them in the Los Angeles area, and also to partner with non-local shops and galleries for special discounts and custom orders. Questions about materials? Costs? Models? See below:

More information on planters

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