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About Me

I'm a photographer and designer based in Los Angeles, California, who was born in Paraguay. I have a lot of different passions related to the visual arts, so instead of remaining focused in one specific field I like to expand my knowledge into multiple areas, and let the synergy enhance the breadth of my work. To tell you more about my main interests:

3D Design

I like to create highly complex conceptual sculptures, using the latest 3D printing techniques and a variety of materials, such as porcelain, brass, nylon, and precious metals.


I focus mostly on nature photography, from wide landscapes, to mammals and birds. I use my photo skills to take better images of my designs and make them look awesome.


I made some animated shorts that played in over 300 festivals and got a ton of awards. The skills I learned doing animation are my main toolset when building complex 3D sculptures.


What I've learned as a photographer and animator I've combined into my main area of work now at Disney, which is CG Layout: the camera and cinematography for animated features.

Joaquin Baldwin

I have an MFA from the UCLA Animation Workshop, where I created Sebastian's Voodoo, The Windmill Farmer and Papiroflexia, animated shorts which won over 130 awards and honors at festivals and competitions like Cannes, Student Academy Awards, Student Emmys, Cinequest, USA Film Festival, Cinanima, Angelus, Sedona, Ashland, BendFilm, and many others.

In 2009 my film Sebastian's Voodoo won at the Festival de Cannes on the Short Film Corner Online Competition, juried by the National Film Board of Canada. I was a finalist on the same competition with Papiroflexia in the previous year. I was nominated for an Annie Award for Sebastian's Voodoo in 2008, competing with films from Pixar, Disney, Plympton and Aardman.

I am currently employed by the Walt Disney Animation Studios as a layout artist for feature animation. I've worked in films such as Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, Feast, Zootopia and Moana.


2016 - Moana (Layout Artist)
2016 - Zootopia (Layout Supervisor)
2015 - Scintillaris (Director)
2014 - Big Hero 6 (Associate Layout Supervisor)
2014 - Feast (Director of Cinematography - Layout)
2013 - Frozen (Layout Artist)
2012 - Wreck-It Ralph (Layout Artist)
2012 - Tangled Ever After (Layout Artist)
2011 - Prep & Landing 2 (Layout Artist)
2010 - Bomb It 2 (Animator)
2010 - The Windmill Farmer (Director)
2008 - Sebastian's Voodoo (Director)
2007 - Papiroflexia (Director)
2006 - Alphamorphosis (Director)
2006 - Placenta (Director)

Other Interests

Web Design
Gaming (PS4)
Indie Folk
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