Joaquin Baldwin 3D Design & Photography Joaquin Baldwin 3D Design & Photography


I'm the creator of several popular animated shorts that have won over 130 awards and have been showcased in over 300 festivals and special screenings worldwide. I made these films mostly during my time at UCLA where I was getting my MFA. All of my films are free to watch on the YouTube links below.

The Windmill Farmer

A nurturing farmer protects his crop of windmills against the cyclical forces of nature.
2010 04:33 2D & 3D animation 4 Awards


An origami tale of a skillful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands.
2007 02:30 2D animation 23 Awards


A pearly necklace of stars is plucked out of the glowing Milky Way band in the sky.
2015 00:29 Time-lapse photography


A butterfly's unexpected transformation, shot on film with a Mauer animation crane.
2006 00:17 2D animation, 16mm film


Autobiographical film using photography, motion graphics and rotoscoped video.
2006 01:27 Rotoscoping, Motion Graphics
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