New website, brand new blog

I built a new website! This time I’m focusing all my efforts towards photography, but still keeping my animation, 3d design, layout and illustration work available. I’m using the new logo and branding I had been working on months ago, and trying out Squarespace for the hosting and services.

Squarespace seems to do exactly what I need it to do, as long as I take my time to carefully customize CSS codes and add my own details for the design. But the functionality is right, managing the content has been extremely easy, and the shop integration will come in handy once I finish setting that up.

One thing that is not as versatile as I hoped, is the gallery options. I wish I had more control over the look of the galleries without too much manual CSS coding, but the default options look professional and are versatile enough for now.

old websites 1997 to 2015.jpg

Here’s a look at how my websites have evolved, since I was a “hacker” with a warez page in the 90’s, to when my focus switched towards animation, then a darker tone redesign, followed by a clean white during my obsession with 3D printing, and now on to photography.

And what is this about a blog? What year is it?

I’ve been good about posting constant updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but I felt like a lot of the images I post need a more connected structure. Every once in a while, I want to write something slightly longer, with multiple images, describing specific projects I’m working on and adventures worth sharing. I might also talk more in depth about my process, gear, and techniques I use, as well as any research I put into my photo projects.