Falcon 9 Nebula

Laser-Crystal Archive C-Type Print.

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These are real photographic prints, created on light sensitive paper with a lightjet printer. This type of print maintains colors in a very natural way, creating a detailed, 3-dimensional, beautiful photographic reproduction.

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Starting at $800

The Story Behind This Image

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully delivers the SAOCOM 1A satellite to orbit. In a single long exposure, the ascent, second stage, boostback and re-entry burns are shown. From Santa Ynez Peak, California.

I watched the launch from Santa Ynez peak, about 40 miles from the base. It was spectacular, the fog lit up and quickly the horizon turned red. After the second stage deployed, the Falcon 9 drew spirals of light in the sky and a massive cyan and magenta cloud formed. It looked as if we we staring into a nebula, with two bright eyes staring back. The descent back to base was fiery and almost blinding, while the payload left behind a trail that looked like a distant comet.

This is a single exposure, at 9 minutes and 33 seconds.